Boat Villa

​Since its inception, ACM has developed and implemented the design and production of products for high-quality marinas. The experience gained in this sector has convinced the company to develop and develop a new exclusive product line: the Floating Villas.
Charming facilities combining a perfect and discreet mix of luxury and elegance typical of glamorous villas.
Innovative shapes, precious materials, functional architectures give harmony, energy and an innate sense of proportion to each project, which becomes ideal place to admire the passage of the seasons or breathtaking sunsets.
For each project, quality materials and plants* are used products in Italy, eco-sustainable and zero-emission carbon in order to promote a low environmental impact and a natural insertion of the villa in the surrounding context.
A made in Italy design and intended for high-level consumers, sensitive to to the charm of a minimal style, but at the same time attentive to functional design and comfort.
Elegant, sophisticated and glamorous, ACM Ville Flottanti is a project that creates.
Exclusive atmospheres with an unmistakable style, where luxury and nature merge Perfectly.

* photovoltaic solar panels, water treatment purifiers, water dehalation systems, air conditioning, etc.